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Our founder, Mr. Jose María Noriega, comes from a small town called Encarnación de Diaz also known as “La Chona”. He was sent to the city of Leon, Guanajuato at the age of 10 to seek better means in life.

In the city of Leon, Guanajuato, he was raised by his uncle and aunt. His cousin was the owner of a small grocery store called “Las Cuatro Milpas” (The Four Corn Crops) and Jose Ma. Noriega joined in to help. After a few years his parents moved to the city starting their own grocery store in the same barrio of his cousin’s grocery store. Together with his father, Mr. Jose Ma. Noriega was in charge of serving customers. He later proactively started selling beans, eggs, and rice at his father’s store floor till the age of 14. Selling beans earned him the nickname Frijolito “Little Bean”.

At that young age, he wondered why the customers that were working in tanneries were better customers.

Since then he was born his love for hides and his initiation as a tanner.
• Working with Mr. Robles Benitez from 1956 to 1960
• Work Mr. Don Angel Jimenez 1960-1962
• In 1965 he made his first tannery tannery favorites call City of León and starts to work on his own as an entrepreneur.
• In 1969 acquires its second tannery called “Noriega tannery”
• In 1972 acquires its third tannery on the boardwalk in which leather sole produced beef.
• In 1974 acquires its fourth tannery called “Industrial Curtidora Norpe”.
• In 1976 acquires its fifth tannery in Hidalgo street in which I became major tanners Leon that time.
• In 1978 started to diversify business enters shoemaking, agronomy and pig and poultry production.
• In 1988, a son of Mr. Jose Ma. Peña named Jose Gerardo Noriega Orozco which initiates learn and have their first contact with the leather from the most basic position through each process step to become production manager is incorporated for several years.

In 1991 planning plant construction starts in a relocated industrial area to supply all plants in the wetland area which is 1992 Curtidora National Corporation “CONACUR” was founded by the closure of the wet part of all tannery that They were located urban sprawl. In 1998 Mr. José Gerardo Noriega Orozco is incorporated in the area of ​​administration, management to be CEO of the company In 2000 a great investment for expansion, equipment and technology is to increase the installed capacity and enter the RTE process to CRUST.

Where today the closure of several tanneries was decided to concentrate all in CONACUR and leaving two plant for finishing skins.

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Av. Sta. Crocce 110 Fracc. Sta. Crocce CP 37439 León Gto. México 
Tels: +52 (477) 778 02 21, 52 (477) 778 13 03
+52 (477) 778 01 99, +52 (477) 778 02 23
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